COVID19: The UK Opposition is being ‘played’ – MarkGB

The people behind ‘The Great Reset’ have ‘weaponized’ COVID-19.  They not only ‘own’ the Tory Government, but they’re also ‘playing’ the opposition parties brilliantly. These guys may be callous beyond belief, utterly without compassion in fact, but they’re also extremely clever. It remains to be seen, however, if they are clever enough.

So currently, for example, the government is being pounded about the number of ‘cases’. If these ‘cases’ represented ‘diseased people’ and/or ‘contagious people’, such a pounding would be exactly what the opposition should be doing. But here’s the rub: THEY DON’T. 

They represent ‘positive’ responses from a PCR test that was NEVER designed to identify a disease. It was designed to magnify whatever is present in the sample. It does not differentiate between ‘live’ & ‘remnant’, & has nothing whatsoever to say about whether the person is ‘ill’ or ‘contagious’. That part of the narrative…that a positive result is ‘dangerous’…is entirely the creation of the government and its ‘scientists’.

Now, here’s the worst part: THEY KNOW THIS. Let me put it another way: The deception is deliberate

Consider the possibility that you’ve been conned…it’s not a crime for Christ’s sake. Examine the evidence: Watch the video below describing Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s Class Action Case, follow up on his sources, particularly on the PCR scam. If you still think I’m wrong…we can disagree. If not…get even more angry than you already are…and channel that anger, not just at the government, but at the people behind what is, in reality, a GLOBAL deception…’The Great Reset’. To kill a serpent, you must chop off its head…

COVID19: The UK Opposition is being ‘played’

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