Facing Down Israel’s Stooges at the Heart of Our Parliament – American Herald Tribune

debate in Parliament recently on the Occupied Palestinian Territories drew some very silly remarks from the ‘usual suspects’.

It was opened in commonsense vein by Stephen Kinnock who said: “It is so vital and urgent that the rule of law be brought to bear as the foundation upon which a viable and sustainable Palestine can be negotiated and built—a Palestine that protects the rights of its citizens and lives in peace with its neighbours.​

“The illegal Israeli settlements…. cause violence on a daily basis and they are a flagrant breach of international law, yet they continue and expand. In 2018, we marked 25 years since the signing of the Oslo accords. That moment in 1993 was meant to herald a new and lasting era of peace and co-existence—the beginning of a genuine two-state solution—but since then, the number of illegal settlers has increased from 258,000 to more than 610,000. Fifty thousand homes and properties have been demolished, and an illegal separation barrier has been built that carves up the West Bank and brutally disconnects towns, cities, families and communities from each other.”

‘This Israeli Government will continue on their current path….  further annexation’

Labour’s Jeff Smith kept the show on a sane level by reminding the House that Israel’s accords with the UAE and Bahrain have led only to a suspension of trouble, not an end. “Netanyahu has said that the plans for annexation remain on the table, and many of us fear that his Government could still bring those plans into practice”.

You can count on it. That is the Zionist Project’s main purpose.

Facing Down Israel’s Stooges at the Heart of Our Parliament

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