President Assad Slams Erdogan for Instigating Nagorno-Karabakh Escalations – Syria News

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad accused the Turkish President Erdogan of “supporting terrorist organizations in both Syria and Libya, as well as being behind the escalation of the conflict in the Nagorno Karabakh region.”

The Syrian president confirms Turkey is sending militants from Syria to the Nagorno-Karabakh region and accuses the Turkish president of supporting terrorists in Syria as well as in Libya, President Assad said in an interview with the Russian Sputnik agency in Damascus.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad affirmed that “Turkey is using terrorists from Syria and other countries in the battles in the Karabakh region between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

Erdogan is trying to divert the attention of his people from their internal problems by igniting wars, especially after the scandals linking him to ISIS, President Assad added.

In response to a question about the availability of information indicating that Turkey has transferred Syrian fighters to the fighting fronts in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, President Assad said, “We can definitely confirm this, not because we have evidence, but because sometimes if you do not have evidence, you have the indications.”

The Syrian President asserted that “Turkey has used these terrorists coming from different countries in Syria, and they have used Syrian militants in Libya, in addition to other nationalities. Therefore it is obvious and very likely that they are using this method in Nagorno Karabakh because as I said earlier, they are the party that started this conflict and encouraged it.”

President Assad Slams Erdogan for Instigating Nagorno-Karabakh Escalations

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