The Covid-19 Scandal: Seven Reasons to be Grateful for the Nutty “New Normal” – Global Research

Being that today is Canadian Thanksgiving, I thought I’d rack my brain to come up with seven things to be grateful for that have arisen out of the oppressive COVID-19 scandal:

4. The Emperor Has Absolutely No Clothes Left: The pure denial of science and common sense regarding lockdowns, masking, social distancing and testing has exposed what is either mass corruption, complete incompetence or gun-to-their-head servitude on the part of politicians, media and the medical system. The Pew Research Center reports that 25% of American adults believe that COVID-19 is an orchestrated conspiracy.

5. Spurred to Courage: Many people who have been aware of mounting deception and malicious intentions on the part of government, media and corporations are no longer staying passively quiet. People are facing their fear of authority and fighting back against tyranny. “Protests over responses to the COVID-19 pandemic” now has it’s own Wikipedia entry, listing rallies in 34 countries.

So while the nutty new normal has had negative intentions, out of even the darkest plots much good must come. If nothing else, I am grateful that the scamdemic has triggered change on a massive scale. The world certainly had enough problems that needed changing. Let’s just make sure the change is positive.

The Covid-19 Scandal: Seven Reasons to be Grateful for the Nutty “New Normal”

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