The OPCW join the Navalny “poison” cocktail party – The Wall Will Fall

The OPCW’s joining the poison cocktail party this week is just another blow to that organisation’s credibility. The 193-nation body has since its inception in 1997 devolved into serving as a propaganda tool for the United States and its NATO allies. Remember its first director José Bustani – a man of principle – was ousted in 2002 under pressure from the US because he would not go along with false claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Ever since, the OCPW has become a shameless conduit for Western powers.

Ironically, in the same week that saw the OPCW acting as a mouthpiece for propaganda in the Navalny case, the organisation was brought into further disrepute at the United Nations Security Council. At the behest of Russia, the Security Council has been hearing testimonies from a former OPCW inspector which demonstrate that the OPCW covered up and distorted allegations over a false flag chemical weapon incident in Syria in April 2018. The incident in the suburb of Douma near Damascus was erroneously attributed to the Syrian government and a distorted OPCW report was used as a justification for “retaliatory” American, British and French airstrikes on Syria.

As explained by independent journalist Aaron Maté, the initial field reports by OPCW inspectors were censored by the organisation’s secretariat based in The Hague in order to incriminate the Syrian government, rather than lay the blame where it actually belonged: on Western-backed “rebels” and their White Helmet propaganda agents.

The OPCW join the Navalny “poison” cocktail party

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