If the virus isn’t there…why do they believe it is? – Jon Rappoport

For the past eight months, I’ve been providing evidence that no one has proved the COVID virus exists.

Over the past week, I’ve quoted two major sources—the CDC and the authors of a major European study—who admit they did not have any virus. And both of these groups were, at the same time, constructing a way to do a diagnostic test for that very virus which wasn’t there.

I’ve also pointed out that scientists throw around the phrase, “isolation of the virus,” like short-order cooks slinging hash in a diner. The phrase is used with incredible carelessness and deceptive imprecision.

Likewise, researchers’ claims of having “sequenced” the genetic structure of the virus are very misleading, because the sequencing is done without direct observation of the virus. It is INFERRED from analyzing a piece of RNA which is ASSUMED (not proved) to come from the virus.

Most of these scientists are true believers. They accept, like dogma, the standard and non-valid procedures for “isolating” and “sequencing” the virus.

A smaller number of scientists understand the hoax, but they remain criminally silent—or they are actively perpetuating the hoax.

In a similar vein—but without the absurd certainty—astronomers make all sorts of inferences about what is occurring on distant planets; but they support sending probes into space to actually see and record what is happening there; and they admit they are frequently surprised and shocked by what they find: a picture that contradicts many of their inferences.

Not so with virologists and geneticists. They utilize a closed system of analysis, which automatically confirms what they already believe. This is the furthest thing from science. This would be on the order of claiming the devil is causing hurricanes, and then “proving it” with a gibbering brand of abstract theology.

Of course, when it comes to viruses, the follow-up is censorship or ridicule of those who doubt theological “biology.”

If a prestigious medical journal opened up its pages to an intelligent debate about the existence of the COVID virus, remarkable things would happen. In the light and fresh air of honest debate, all sorts of skeletons would emerge from the closet. But such a debate is not permitted.

Why? Obviously, because the result would be devastating.

If the virus isn’t there…why do they believe it is?

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