BOILER ROOM: From Care Bears To Mad Max – Alternate Current Radio


The cyber industrialization of ‘sex-work’ coming to the middle class households! Yes, folks, if you didn’t already notice, this is a THING now. Fake letters to the editor (marketing copy) abound in mainstream productions and blogs now advertising (subliminally) to young people that they can make the fastest, easiest money and express their ’empowerment’ by doing lewd sex acts over their live-stream cameras on platforms like OnlyFans and CamSoda for pennies on the dollar! From ads that read like “pay for college” by interning with CamSoda to “My family is ruining my livestreaming career by being home during these lockdowns” the internet is pumping out and normalizing the corporate solicitation and entrapment of our young people into stay at home sex-work. Big celebs are being used as ‘role-models’ for the advertising in this budding realm in finance, tech and opt-in technocratic human trafficking. ‘Gay for pay’, ‘foot model’… (I can’t think of any other pg-13 examples). is this what we want for our youth when it comes to how they build a better tomorrow and reach their potential as people? Hang with the ACR Brain-trust to sort this complex matter out a bit, in the… BOILER ROOM!

From Care Bears To Mad Max

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