COVID Versus a Natural Catastrophe – Global Research

The corrupt politicians and so-called leaders of all the 193 UN member countries, sadly, they are all puppets of a Higher Power, all of them had let themselves be bought or coerced into the diabolical game plan of total digital control of body and mind, using this dubious invisible enemy – a virus – with a monstrous fear-propaganda, with falsified and manufactured statistics, leading 7 billion people into believing that they are at risk of death, and that only a total lockdown, in other words, annihilation of the global economy, can save them. Never mind your life-support activity and livelihood.

Occasionally to strengthen their covid propaganda the one or the other announced with big-big brouhaha how suddenly covid-sick he or she became. Ambulance- and airlifting them into emergency rooms, with hourly media reporting, is part of the game. The public is in sympathy and believing that if they are not obedient… this nasty virus may hit them too.

A few days later, the “cured-again” politician emerges from his or her emergency situation – a brilliant PR stint. And very successful. It helped the bought and betraying government officials increasing their handle on the necks of people, their repression, and heightening their tyranny a notch or two.

All those mediocre and outright immoral politicians have known all the time and know today, that the luciferian game they are playing is against the very people of their countries they were elected by. Can you even call this worthless lot ‘criminal’? Doubtful. Criminal requires some kind of value. These abject individuals have none. They know they are betraying the people, their co-citizens, their compatriots, with the masquerades, with the social distancing, with the segregation into solitary confinement. They know they are killing “their people” with fear and constant, everyday fear.

They know that all of what they are propagating and lying about to make you scared, is but a miserable farce, a scam. They know the fear they impose day after day, hour after hour, makes you vulnerable to diseases, all kind of diseases, because fear kills your immune system. These masters of evil do it anyway – and co-opt their aids, doctors, scientists, by threatening them, directly or indirectly with job loss, with loss of reputation — and yes, they have families and many oblige for the sake of their families.

Not all. Thanks-god for the brave who come forward in Germany, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the United States – and from ever more countries, to speak the truth. Speaking Truth to Power can never be defeated.

All these high-ranking government officials, the sold-and bought ones, those without conscience, those that have sold you, who would also sell their mothers for the sake of being rewarded with positive recognition by the little dirty, devoid-of-any-ethics elite; an elite, who just want to control the world, its resources. And, not to forget – an elite who assume for themselves the right to dispose of how many people they deem worthy to live on this Blue Marvelous Planet. The masters of eugenics.

COVID Versus a Natural Catastrophe

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