Covid-19: A Series of Unlikely Events – Dissident Voice

Everyone is sick of talking about Covid-19, but it needs to be talked about dialectically until there is understanding because the establishment isn’t letting this one go. This isn’t a left vs right thing, it is as it has always been, power blunting understanding and drawing division while the people go around in circles. Covid-19 is tough to write about when you’re not actively spreading fear about it; non-fear based discussion is deemed dangerous and controversial. Of course, the rationale from the masses who support the actions taken by power believe what is being done is pragmatic and responsible mostly resting on the premise that since authority says it, then it must be true, and many of those people are of the mind that if one engages in the heresy of dissent, it’s assumed you must be an ignorant hateful wanker and selfishly want to kill the weak and elderly when you don’t agree with the talking heads on the glowing idiot box.

To make matters worse the “left” has continued its slide into embracing neoliberal values and promotes a form of intransigent soft censorship, where dissent isn’t really banned outright, it’s just reactively shamed, labeled as dangerous, and pushed to the fringes where it can be safely quarantined. Lest something else other than status quo rhetoric infect naive minds which, according to the establishment, such talk will kill countless people and we know the establishment just cares so much their hearts bleed for the less than 1% labeled as pandemic deaths. Perhaps our rulers deeply empathize with what it’s like to be such a tiny fraction of the population.

They care so much that power is enacting every authoritarian measure they’ve always wanted to enact, and billionaires just happen by covidcidence to be consolidating even greater wealth, by total accident to be sure as they’d never intentionally profiteer in a time of crises when they already have so much. I’m equally sure the excess wealth flowing to the already wealthy will benevolently trickle down to the masses eventually because billionaires like Bezos and Gates have such enormous hearts don’t you know.

They have always been thinking of other people when they primitively accumulate ever greater wealth while others starve. They are after all brilliant philanthropists, so you know their hearts must be in the right place. And sure, they could just solve food scarcity and homelessness by themselves in the US, but what would that teach the people? These super geniuses are simply too wise to just outright allow people to freely live on the land of the earth that’s been cordoned off by the powers that be and outrageously priced for the common person. For these wise people know that greatness is forged in the crucible of suffering, so billionaires want the people to learn how to fight through difficulties and compete with their fellow humans for survival. Thanks, billionaires.

However, they are apparently very concerned about solving this covid-19 thing for the good of the people. They don’t seem too concerned over creating the conditions for poor health globally through their socioeconomic actions, but again, they are very worried about treating the symptoms manifested from their endless hoarding of resources.

Meanwhile the majority of people are gleefully happy to trade liberty for ostensible safety provided by the ownership class. A deal that’s never worked out very well for the people in the past, but now once again we’re told it’s different this time. The people are assured it’s all for our own protection, because governments, corporations, and the medical establishment just love us so much that they must act like a stern paternal force for our own good.

The institutions of scientific “progress”, the medical industrial complex, and centralized government structures that brought you endless war, monetary imperialism, Agent Orange, nuclear proliferation, the war on drugs, an opioid epidemic for kickbacks, the CIA, lobotomies, mass incarceration, radical environmental degradation and so on, well, they evidently saw the error of their ways when Covid-19 came along and are now a collective of near perfectly enlightened bodhisattvas looking out for your health and well being. Forgive me for not buying into the idea that the actions taken by power have been motivated by doing what’s for the good of the people, rather I believe the radical thought that some of the most narcissistic people ever to live on planet earth are doing what narcissists do and thinking primarily about their own interests and don’t care about who they hurt in the process of getting more for them and securing their held power.

Grains of truth are sprinkled into almost every lie and the common trick played by power is to use fragments of truth often lacking proper context or nuance to lead to convenient conclusions that benefit them. The public reacts to the statistical numbers around covid as if they’d never seen a rigged stat put out to drive the narratives’ of powers before.

Covid-19: A Series of Unlikely Events

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