Europe Helps US Destroy Libya, Now Blames/Sanctions Russia – New Eastern Outlook

The EU has leveled sanctions against Russia for – among other things – “meddling” in Libya’s ongoing civil war.

AFP in its article, “EU sanctions senior Putin aides over Navalny, Libya,” would claim:

The EU said Wagner had committed “multiple and repeated breaches” of a UN arms embargo on Libya, where Russia has backed warlord Khalifa Haftar in his uprising against the internationally-recognised government.

The UK – despite leaving the EU (TCTT editor note: See UK Column article for details on this deceptionEU Military Unification) – has also said it would uphold the sanctions.

The EU’s attempt to high-road Russia, however, raises an important point – that it was the EU alongside the US who destroyed Libya’s government in 2011 in the first place.

The 2011 Western military intervention led to the civil war now currently consuming the nation and its people. And if Russia really is supplying weapons to Libyan groups in Libya – they are fighting groups who are being supplied arms in violation of the same UN arms embargo by other nations – namely the EU and the US.

Libya’s ongoing chaos is a direct result of a 2011 US-led military intervention which included forces from several European nations including the UK. After destroying much of the nation’s infrastructure and ousting the Libyan government led by Muammar Qaddafi – Libya was plunged into perpetual infighting as the country was divided by competing warlords and terrorist organizations flush with weapons the US and Europe provided them.

Europe Helps US Destroy Libya, Now Blames/Sanctions Russia

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