Wastewater Wastes the Official Covid-19 Narrative – UK Column

Wastewater (sewage) can be analysed to reveal the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in the community. Recently the UK government announced that they have successfully trialled a wastewater monitoring program which supposedly proves that SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in sewage samples. Consequently, we can be reasonably certain that everything we have been told about Covid-19 is false.

The UK government seems to be hell-bent upon making the same “mistakes” again, causing further damage, destroying more lives, for no perceptible public health benefit. At what point do mistakes become deliberate acts?

We all know the official story of Covid-19. It is the tale which allows governments around the world to claim justifications for their draconian lockdown policies. It has provided the opportunity to reshape the entire global economy, our political systems, society and even our culture, into a new abnormal led by global leaders like Klaus Schwab and their “Great Reset” ambitions.

We are told that COVID-19 cases first emerged in China in December 2019, causing mortality within weeks. It reached U.S. shores in late January with the first death recorded on February 6th. The same was allegedly true in the UK, and dangerous community transmission had set in by early February.

Covid-19 was causing havoc in Italy in early February and Spain was besieged by mid February. New Zealand and Australia reported cases in late February, as did Brazil. From its outbreak in Wuhan, Covid-19 purportedly spread around the world in just 9 weeks, compelling the World Health Organisation to declare a global pandemic on March 11th 2020.

The approved Covid-19 story depicts a highly contagious virus which, once unleashed, escalated rapidly causing widespread mortality within weeks of infection. However, if WBE is a proven technique for accurately identifying the presence of the virus, this account simply cannot be true.

In Italy the National Institute of Health (ISS) used WBE to identify the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in samples collected on December 18th 2019 from Milan and Turin. This placed it in Italy nearly two weeks prior to the supposed outbreak of the disease in China.

Brazilian scientists used WBE to discover that the virus was present in November 2019. In Spain, the University of Barcelona reported WBE evidence of SARS-CoV-2 from samples taken in March 2019, a whole year before the WHO declared their global pandemic.

As we now know that WBE is reliable enough to inform government policy and their newly constructed bio surveillance and biosecurity systems, it seems this supposed population threatening virus had been transmitted around the world long before anyone started dying from it. It lay dormant, unnoticed by the global medical and scientific community, harming no one at all for many months.

Covid-19 didn’t apparently decide to start killing people until governments reported it. It lead to virtually no significant mortality at all until the political decision was made to impose lockdown measures. Pandemics don’t work this way.

Wastewater Wastes the Official Covid-19 Narrative

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