Sesame Street Offers “New Normal” Brainwashing for the Very Young and Vulnerable – Global Research

After teaching kids to wash their hands Grover transitions into some new normal brainwashing: “Another way for everyone to stay healthy is by practicing physical distance and staying six feet away from people in public. That is right, six cute little feet like this…”

Grover takes a step to his left, yells and slips on the soap he dropped during his hand washing class. When his furry blue head appears on camera again a pink mask is draped overtop.

This clumsy puppet also makes a guest appearance on World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset Podcast where he offers more dehumanizing advice to lonely and depressed children in lockdown: “At first it was hard when nobody could go to school. And I could not visit my friends like Elmo or, well, even Oscar the Grouch. But then we learned to have video play time; which was a lot of fun and made us feel better.”

In Your Guide to the Great Reset, James Corbett sums up “this propaganda for the whole family” rather succinctly: “Remember kids, wash your hands, wear a mask and keep six feet away from other human beings — because they are icky, biological being that can shed their disgusting viruses around you and we have to be protected at all times. Yay!”

Rather appropriately, the Muppet Wiki says that Grover “loves to help people, but is very bad at it.” This appears to be the case when we can consider that there is no evidence social distancing works and SickKids warns it “could cause significant psychological harm.” Likewise, masks have many known and potential harms, including tooth decay. And “video play,” formerly known as “screen time,” is the very thing the Journal of Pediatrics attributes to rising obesity among teens; and the Journal of Mental Health cites as a major cause of depression among youngsters.

Hey Grover! what about time-tested health advice like running around and playing ball, eating your vegetables and getting kids to bed before nine?

Just goes to show you and your children shouldn’t take health advice from a propaganda puppet — whether it looks like a monster, government official or a newscaster.

Sesame Street Offers “New Normal” Brainwashing for the Very Young and Vulnerable

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