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An outstanding characteristic of the Western human rights industry has long been the way it politicizes its production to serve the foreign policy needs of its countries’ governments. To that end corporate and government investors fund leading industry producers like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House or the International Federation for Human Rights. The formal reports and social media content of these producer organizations downplay abuse and violations by governments supported by NATO and allied country governments. By contrast, these Western NGOS exaggerate or even invent human rights abuses in countries targeted by their countries’ governments.

In Latin America, widespread abuses under right wing regimes in, for example, Colombia, Honduras, Haiti or Brazil get mentioned in low key terms, if at all, while false claims by US funded opposition groups in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are amplified and broadcast with minimal or zero effort at responsible corroboration. Neither the human rights industry itself, nor the communications media and academic industries which are its main consumers, make any serious effort at investigation because they too are funded by the same or similar corporate and government investors as their human rights industry brand name suppliers.

Given the close integration across these various Western knowledge and information industries, it has been impossible for them to avoid complicity in the criminal support of their governments for terrorism and organized crime around the world. In Latin America, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are the clearest examples of this reality. In Nicaragua’s case, the violent failed coup attempt of 2018 involved the use of both terrorism and organized crime by US funded and directed proxies. Abundant material exists, for example here and here, based on reliable, often first-hand sources that narrate and document very serious crimes and egregious human rights abuses in Nicaragua by the violent US funded opposition between April and July 2018.

Victim testimony and media reports confirm that US funded terrorist criminals and human rights abusers like Felix MaradiagaEva Coppens, Francisca Ramirez and Medardo Mairena all committed terrorist crimes in 2018 in Nicaragua. Even so, they and other terrorist criminals have been feted by the Western human rights industry as heroic defenders of human rights. While certainly outrageous, this fact is far from surprising, since the US authorities and their NATO country vassals have been sponsors and funders of terrorism against various target governments and countries for decades. One way or another, governments and corporate interests fund their accomplices in the Western human rights industry and in both the related knowledge and information industry in Western universities and the communications industry of Western corporate and alternative media. Beyond Nicaragua, in their reporting of events from Syria to Venezuela or Iran to Ukraine, they are all guilty to one degree or another of promoting terrorism and covering up organized crime.

Human Rights, Terrorism and Organized Crime

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