The Flawed COVID-19 Vaccine Testing Programs – Global Research

There doesn’t appear to be much difference between the testing protocols of the dozens of pharmaceutical companies that are working on developing a vaccine for the elusive (and therefore dubious) SARS virus that has not actually yet been isolated in the lab, much less been reproducibly-grown in living tissue cultures. 

The evidence for the existence of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus in any given patient has mostly been assumptive in the current alleged pandemic which has relied on testing with the equally dubious PCR test kits that have been manufactured by any number of fly-by-night outfits which are making unreliable test kits.

The “case” incidence and death statistics of the current alleged pandemic must therefore be also regarded as dubious because the PCR test’s inventor has repeatedly asserted that his test CANNOT be used for diagnostic purposes.

However, the aggressively Big Pharma/Big Media-promoted “conventional  wisdom”  says that if the PCR test turns out to be positive (even if the PCR-positive individual is totally asymptomatic, always wore the masks and never ever developed Covid symptoms) that subject must be assumed to be so infectious that he must be quarantined for weeks. If the subject does not comply with the quarantine order, he or she can– in certain jurisdictions – be arrested and imprisoned.

What should be of concern to thinking people is the fact that some of these pharma companies (not to mention that many of the PCR test kit manufacturers) are indeed just “start-ups” – like the National Institutes of Health’s (and Anthony Fauci’s) favorite vaccine company Moderna, whose business only involves vaccine development – not manufacture.

Yet Moderna isdeeply involved in the race for FDA approval, and its stock price has sky-rocketed on hopes that it might massage its test results enough to get its Covid-19 vaccine approved (or at least be given Emergency Use Authorization [EUA] by the FDA).

The Flawed COVID-19 Vaccine Testing Programs

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