“New Normal”on Social Distancing and the Facemask: Neglectful Caring and Compassionate Tyranny – Global Research

The closing screen to a Sesame Street Public (dis)Service Advertisement (see below) (about social distancing and masking) concludes by saying:

“Caring for each other. Because we are all in this together.”

What a blatant hijacking of virtue. I simply can’t see something like that and not speak out. If for no other reason, because I don’t want to become numb and accepting to such brainwashing. They might as well point at the moon and tell us it’s the sun. What is caring about any of these pointless and unwarranted COVID-19 restrictions?

How is destroying family businesses caring?

How is shaming people into wearing germ collectors (that do nothing to stop viruses) caring?

How is forcing millions into unemployment and suicide caring?

How is locking elderly people up in cockroach-infested long-term care homes caring?

How is denying people needed surgical procedures caring?

When one looks at the facts they will not find any proof that there ever was a deadly coronavirus pandemic. And even the mainstream media admits to the many harms of the (ineffective) corona containment measures.

Notwithstanding, we have the WHO locking people up, the media counting common cold infections like they were cases of the Bubonic plague and church bizares selling homemade masks.

These types of contradictions set up stress within peoples’ heads.

The government is committing harmful acts against its own people while calling such actions “caring,” “compassionate” and “keeping everybody safe.”

Compulsory schooling and mainstream media has done a good job at teaching us to believe what we are told, not what we perceive. That’s why history is able to repeat such crimes. Governments have a reputation for sinking into tyranny under the guise of keeping its trusting masses safe.

This type of tyrannical caring appears to be happening again as countries return to self-destructive lockdowns. But the COVID crimes can be stopped. We need only trust our own common sense, look at the facts and resist in any way we can.

“New Normal”on Social Distancing and the Facemask: Neglectful Caring and Compassionate Tyranny

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