The Science That Exposes The COVID19 Virus As A Hoax/ by Dr Saeed Qureshi & John O’Sullivan – Mark Taliano

Freedom of Information Law (FOIA) and written admissions by authorities about the COVID19 virus by several English-speaking governments reveals that NONE have successfully isolated and proven the existence of the novel coronavirus. Herein we explain the unresolved scientific issues that render this pandemic a massive hoax.

Yesterday Principia Scientific International revealed that Britain, Ireland, the United States and New Zealand had admitted their lack of evidence for COVID19. Our science and medical experts thus determined that, absent any official and verifiable laboratory proof of a novel virus, there can be no realistic prospect of a vaccine to defend against it.

Supporting our conclusion is data for excess deaths in the US and UK and other nations, this indicates nothing abnormal from excess mortality numbers in 2019/20 compared to previous years.  We know that in the UK  influenza and pneumonia contributed to more weekly deaths than Covid-19. While Sweden, which had no wholesale lockdown policy, reports fewer deaths.

With no verified laboratory isolation showing a ‘gold standard’ of a novel virus plus no evidence of a severe impact from such a ‘deadly’ new coronavirus then there can be no scientific basis for continuation of lockdown policies, which even the World Health Organization admits are not helping. We are therefore calling out this pandemic as a hoax.

The Science That Exposes The COVID19 Virus As A Hoax/ by Dr Saeed Qureshi & John O’Sullivan

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