Democracy Is A Good Idea – So It Is A Shame That We Don’t Have Any – In This Together

Democracy, or rather real democracy, is undoubtedly the best form of governance we have imagined. Unfortunately, as the recent U.S. election and the overwhelming support for another Lockdown in the UK parliament have demonstrated, democracy only exists in our imagination.

What we have instead is a corrupt system of centralised, authoritarian power. Rule through deception, coercion, and the threat of and use of violence.

Abraham Lincoln attempted to define democracy as “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” This is what we are taught democracy is. Indeed, that is how it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, that is not what we have.

We have a unified global tyranny, run solely for the benefit of a tiny clique of parasitic robber barons. They have established their hegemony through usury, war, terrorism, bribery, corruption and control of the monetary supply.

They have largely achieved this without resistance because too many of us think that their system of representative democracy is democracy. Which it isn’t.

The COVID 19 pandemic has long been planned to deliver the The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. This merely repackages the tired, old obsessions of the parasite class. Namely, the creation of a New World Order.

It is common today for our oppressors to clothe their rhetoric in fluffy, progressive mantras, giving the false impression that they really care. This is all part of the sales pitch.

Authoritarian rule and the desire to build a totalitarian dictatorship, affording the select few absolute power, is the dream underlying this marketing. It is as old as humanity itself.

Hitherto, a global dictatorship has been impractical. Modern technology has finally brought this prospect within the grasp of those with sufficient resources to buy one.

Most people aren’t too keen on this idea and our expectant slave masters have been reluctant to openly declare their intention to make us their unwilling vassals. This could alert too many people to their plans and risks the population refusing to comply. At which point their hopes would be dashed.

Instead they need some sort of faintly plausible narrative to convince us to obey their orders. COVID 19 is the problem to which authoritarian diktat is the reaction and the New World Order is the solution.

To be fair, despite the fluffy language found in documents like Agenda 2030, or the Rockefeller’s 2010 Future Scenario or the WEF’s long standing Strategic Intelligence plans, it isn’t as if we haven’t been warned. The idea of a technocratic and scientific elite running the world has fired the imagination of globalist oligarchs for nearly a century.

With their various pandemic planning events like 2001’s Operation Dark Winter and 2019’s Event 201, the plan to use pandemics as the catalyst to create a global technocracy is no secret.

In this technocracy, benign scientists, objective economists, dispassionate political philosophers and engineers won’t really be in charge. AI will allegedly be making the decisions. It will be programmed by the parasite class.

Just as we have seen with Lockdown policy responses to COVID 19, the science can be cherry picked to suit the oligarchs agenda. Well funded institutions like Imperial College will always be on hand to create the science to order.

In truth, the claimed desire for a global technocracy all boils down to the sociopath’s belief that they were born to exercise the divine right of kings.” Their offer of a global society in which we own nothing only means that we, the people, own nothing. They, the parasite class, will own everything. Including all of us and the Earth itself.

Their whole ethos is quite insane and is more like the myopic, delusions of unhinged cult leaders than any rational political philosophy. So they obscure it with talk of sustainability, equality and diversity. It’s all deception. The flimflam of snake oil sellers.

As we enter yet another Lockdown of assured economic annihilation, in preparation for the Great Reset, given that there is no evidence that Lockdowns work, it is clear that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. They have been in charge for thousands of years, but now their global ambitions are coming to fruition. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Democracy Is A Good Idea – So It Is A Shame That We Don’t Have Any

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