Video: Epic Richard Medhurst Speech – ‘America Just Replaced One Monster With Another – Eva Bartlett

Epic, brilliant, rant. Thank you Richard Medhurst:

“You have people celebrating in the streets about Joe Biden being elected.

What are you celebrating? This guy bombed us, this guy bombed my country. He destroyed the Middle East, he locked up millions of black people in America.

Do have any goddamn empathy? Don’t you have any compassion? Don’t you have any common sense?

Has everyone lost their collective fucking minds?

You can be happy about Trump being gone without rehabilitating and whitewashing a fucking, racist, war criminal.

And then you got Stephen Colbert and Vance (?) Jones and all these mopes on television, fake-crying with their crocodile tears about how ‘decency’ is gonna be restored to the White House.

What decency? What character? This guy spent his entire life trying to screw over the working class, trying to screw over people of colour.

Why don’t you go look at pictures of kids in Iraq, in Fallujah, born with birth defects because of the war that Joe Biden started, and come and tell me about what ‘decency’ is, you war criminal-rehabilitating motherfuckers.

…How can you sit there and rehabilitate a guy who started the Iraq war?  Who helped orchestrate it. Who has the blood of a million Iraqis on his hands. Who has never met a war that he didn’t like. Who is going to keep the drone strikes going, he’s going to keep the wars going, he’s going to keep the sanctions going, he’s going to keep locking up black people…

What is wrong with you? You should be fucking crying, not celebrating.

There was no pushing Biden left, there was no ‘lesser of two evils’. The whole system is evil.

Epic Richard Medhurst Speech: ‘America Just Replaced One Monster With Another

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