Lockdown UK: Why COVID Restrictions Could Last Until April – 21st Century Wire

The UK government continues to careen out of control in dishing out what is becoming an increasingly opaque and authoritarian public health policy, supposedly to ‘eliminate coronavirus.’ 

Today we learned that PM Boris Johnson is now claiming that he felt ‘bounced into second lockdown by dodgy data,’ presumably from the government’s secretive scientific committee known as SAGE.

According to reports, Johnson felt that he was somehow ‘pushed’ into an unpopular second national lockdown because of misleading data from SAGE.

It’s become noticeable in recent months how UK government’s lauded science advisors have been trotting out ever-more outlandish predictions of death and doom, including one crazed projection of 4,000 daily deaths from COVID-19 should the government not impose more draconian measures.

The government appears to be in damage control now, with leaks to press designed to make Johnson look like the victim of ‘bad information’ from his corporatist science cabal.

Of course, all of this throws into question what the government’s true long-term strategy is. Thus far, the only tangible result of lockdown has been a complete destruction of the British economy, spiraling public and private debt, and massive collateral damage in public health due to the conversion of the country’s NHS into what is effectively becoming a ‘COVID only’ health service – resulting in a growing number of lockdown deaths.

Lockdown UK: Why COVID Restrictions Could Last Until April

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