There Is Only One Solution to Our Problems: Unity and Mass Disobedience – LewRockwell

Voting for any political candidate, and supporting the very system that is at the core of our tyranny, will never solve any problems we face. By accepting and participating in that flawed and purposely created corrupt system, only disappointment and oppression can result. The game of elections is settled long in advance by the real controlling elements of society. It has nothing to do with votes cast, but has everything to do with pre-planned outcomes and agendas meant to enslave the population at large. This becomes more evident during each selection cycle, and the dishonesty is more obvious and fraudulent every time. Even with all the corruption, lying, cheating, theft, liberty destruction, wars, torture, and murder committed by the entirety of the political class and those that control it, all fault for this dictatorial domination falls at the feet of those that allow it to happen without forcible resistance. Those that vote and participate in this nefarious circus, and those that hide and do nothing to stop the tyranny are all to blame, so in essence, each and every one of us has a vital responsibility to never support or comply with any mandate of government. If compliance by the American public exists, then they are fully to blame for the ensuing carnage.

The people have built their own prisons, and put in charge those that can make all the rules to enslave them. Self-destruction and insanity at this level defy all logic and reason.

But can this cancer of tyranny created by the people themselves and prosecuted by the people’s own appointed rulers, be cured and eliminated without risk of civil war, death, and destruction? Of course it can, as the people created this horrible system voluntarily, so they can voluntarily eradicate it as well. This would not be an easy task, but could be done without violent revolt, mass death, or all out chaos, but in order to achieve such a lofty goal, unity is essential. Yes, that seems impossible given the manufactured division that now exists among the general population, but it is absolutely conceivable. All boils down to self-responsibility, and a desire to preserve what is good about humanity and life. In that light, false and contrived hatred needs to take a back seat to sanity for the sake of all. Right against left and black against white are two of the biggest obstacles to overcome, but with a truce and harmony among the ruled, much more could be accomplished. So long as divisiveness continues, everyone loses except those powerful claimed ‘elites’ stoking the hate. It is imperative to understand that we as people should not be enemies, because the only real enemy is the state. With unification of the common people in any effort to reclaim freedom, the state can be held in check in short order.

The state is the ultimate enemy of all that is good, but the state can only exist as a power if the people allow it. Disobedience, especially mass disobedience, is the bane of all state control, and by simply withholding consent, by disobedience and non-compliance with state orders and mandates, the state’s power over us can be destroyed. This has been the case during much of the history of man, but rarely have the exploited masses realized that they by their own actions could eliminate despotic rule by simply refusing to obey.

Forget this idiotic and staged election, and go after the real threat by refusing to comply or obey the state stooges at any and every level. That would immediately negate the power of either party.

There Is Only One Solution to Our Problems: Unity and Mass Disobedience

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