Vaccine Salvation Is Imminent – Via DNA Modification – Part 1 – In This Together

Vaccine salvation, in the form of Pfizer and BioNTech’s mRNA-based BNT162b2 (BNT) vaccine, promises to set us free from the COVID 19 horror, according to official sources. The UK government are among those who have already ordered millions of doses of this “highly effective” vaccine. Leading “experts” say it could see lockdown restrictions lifted in the summer of 2021, as COVID is defeated. Thanks to the vaccine.

There is no evidence to back up anything said in the previous paragraph. There are currently no clinical trial results for BNT162b2 and trials aren’t due to complete until June 2021. It is simply the latest COVID vaccine story you are being asked to swallow without question or complaint.

Not only is there no evidence the new vaccine is safe for anyone, there isn’t any that it does anything useful. All anyone has is a press release from the manufacturers claiming their vaccine is fantastic. Off the back of this, the MSM and governments around the world are reporting its great success and the manufacturers’ share price is soaring.

That the proposed solution, to a questionable problem, is an mRNA vaccine is very concerning. MessengerRNA vaccines, with their reliance upon lipid nanoparticle (LNP) carrier systems, have the potential for severe long term side effects. They could be used to modify our DNA.

If approved, which is practically guaranteed due to the deliberate removal of nearly all licensing restrictions, BNT will be the first mRNA vaccine ever to be administered to the human population. A vaccine which has apparently been developed in a matter of months. Despite decades of previous attempts, to develop a SARS vaccine, not only failing but occasionally leading to disastrous results.

Over this article, and the next, we are going to explore these important issues. We may as well because, if nothing else is clear, it is certain that the mainstream media aren’t going to bother.

Vaccine Salvation Is Imminent – Via DNA Modification – Part 1

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