Syria 3rd Secretary at the UN Alya Ali Fires Back at the Israeli Rep. – Syria News

The Third Secretary in the Syrian mission to the United Nations, Alya Ali, responds to Israeli allegations against Syria at the official session of the Fourth Committee on Special Political Issues and Decolonization, held on November 3, 2020.

The Syrian delegate listed only a few of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and Arabs since its establishment and before that, including the assassination of the Swedish UN ambassador, Falk Bennadot, the cross-border attacks against Syria in violation of the forces separation decision of 1974, and the theft of Syrians’ lands in the occupied Golan, among others.

Following is the English translation of the reply of the Syrian Representative Alya Ali:

Thank you, Mr. President.

I would like to touch on the following points:

First, Syria is a founding member state of the United Nations at the San Francisco conference in 1945, when the Zionist Stern and Haganah gangs were killing Palestinians, stealing their land, and assassinating the Swedish international mediator Count Falk Bernadotte by blowing up the hotel in which he was staying in Jerusalem.

Secondly, Israel is obligated under the 1974 Agreement on the Separation of Forces in the occupied Syrian Golan not to launch any military operations across the separation line. I advise the Israeli representative to review the reports of UNDOF forces confirming the occurrence of frequent Israeli violations of this agreement sponsored by the United Nations.

Third, Israel has not implemented Security Council Resolution No. 497 of 1981, which demanded that it abolish the imposition of its laws on the occupied Syrian Golan, instead, it proceeded with measures to steal the lands of the Syrians in the occupied Golan and established partnership projects with the American Genie Oil and Gas Company, headed by former US Vice President Dick Cheney, for exploration of oil in the Golan, with the consequent confiscation of thousands of hectares of farms, cutting down trees, closing water springs, and expelling the Syrian population from their villages and lands.

Fourth, it is known that the General Assembly’s decision to accept the membership of the Israeli entity in the United Nations stipulates that it be a peace-loving country, something that has never been achieved since 1948 it has occupied the UN agenda around the clock with its aggressive and criminal actions against the Palestinian people and its neighbors. The 800 resolutions adopted by the General Assembly and the 88 resolutions adopted by the Security Council against it bear witness to the relevance of what we say.

Fifthly, the Israeli entity has not joined any of the agreements banning weapons of mass destruction when it possesses 200 nuclear warheads and their means of delivery threatening its neighbors and other countries, while my country, Syria, is a party to all agreements banning weapons of mass destruction.

Syria 3rd Secretary at the UN Alya Ali Fires Back at the Israeli Rep.

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