So, what is known about Israeli supplies to Azerbaijan in terms of types of weapons and their quantity?

UAVs, including loitering munitions

UAVs clearly rank first among Israeli military supplies to Azerbaijan. If in a number of categories, Israeli imports play a significant share in the armament of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces (anti-tank systems, 120-mm mortars, ballistic missiles and MLRS, patrol boats and ships, armored vehicles), in others it is clearly secondary (self-propelled guns, small arms), in others it is absent at all (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, manned aircraft), the share of Israeli imports in UAVs was not just in first place: for almost 12 years (from 2008 to summer 2020), the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were fully equipped with Israeli UAVs (including loitering weapons ). And only a few months ago the situation changed: Azerbaijan received from Turkey armed Bayraktar TB2 UAVs and STM Kargu attack multicopters.

It is also interesting that Azerbaijan cooperates simultaneously with all large and a number of small Israeli UAV manufacturers. The first in 2007 was Aeronautics (the third largest manufacturer, from 02.09.19 owned by Rafael), in 2008 the first contract was signed with Elbit (the second manufacturer), and as part of the 2011 deal it started cooperation with IAI (1st manufacturer). And there were also contracts with BlueBird Aero Systems and EMIT Aviation (the latter shuttered in 2010).

Cooperation with Aeronautics was not limited to the purchase of finished products. At the Azad Systems enterprise (AZAD Sistemlər; according to a number of sources, this is a joint venture of the Azerbaijani production association “Sharg” and Aeronautics) in the Buku region, licensed production of 2 types of Aeronautics UAVs is carried out: Aerostar (local name “Shahin”) and Orbiter 2M (“Garangush” , ie “Swallow”). In May 2011, Minister of Defense Industry Yaver Jamalov said that by the end of 2011 it is planned to produce 60 UAVs of these types, the level of localization should be 30%. According to other sources, full-scale production began only in 2013. Most likely, the production of Aerostar was an assembly from ready-made kits, but the release of Orbiter 2M was really localized to a large extent. In 2017, the production of loitering ammunition Orbiter-1K (“Zarba-K”, ie “Udar-K”) was also launched.

It should be noted that UAVs are almost always supplied as systems, each of which includes one or another number of UAVs themselves. In the case of Azerbaijan, UAVs are widely spoken about, and how many systems there are for certain devices is not indicated.

So, what types of UAVs and loitering ammunition did Azerbaijan buy in Israel?

Small arms and grenade launchers

It was already mentioned above about the Tavor TAR-21 rifles produced by the Israeli Arms Industry (IWI). There were reports that Azerbaijan will purchase large quantities of these rifles and even set up their serial production. However, in 2010, preference was given to licensed production of AK-74M (“Khazri” in Azerbaijan; production began in 2011, more than 100,000 units were produced on 15.05.19). TAR-21 (as well as “Tavor” X95) remained in the army special forces, as well as in the police and marines. The special forces also use the Uzi submachine guns. There is also information about the “Negev” light machine guns, and it is called the “standard army light machine gun”.

As for the RPGs, it was reported that there are B-300 and Shipon manufactured by IMI in Azerbaijan.

Air defense radar and air defense system

For a long time, various sources reported about Azerbaijan’s ordering 1-2 EL / M-2080 Green Pine radars (ie missile defense radars used in the Hetz system). This information has not been confirmed, for example SIPRI has already removed it from its database. There is also no confirmation of the purchase of the SPYDER-SR air defense system and the Iron Dome (they wrote about Azerbaijan’s intention to buy LCD in 2016, see a separate article).

Ships and boats

In 2013, Azerbaijan signed a contract with Israel Shipyards for the construction of patrol ships and boats for the Azerbaijani Navy. The boats gathered in the Center for Construction and Repair of Vessels of the Coast Guard of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan in the Baku settlement of Turkan.


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