Video: Is there any professional code of conduct for police?… – UK News In Pictures

Comment from a UK Column member:

“Keeping in line with Not Understanding, i thought the people watchers out there might like this. This video i found really interesting to analyse. Here though its the police not understanding. The police through no fault of their own have been conditioned big time a certain way, just like soldiers are but with different methods and outcomes. When you expose the chinks in their conditioning they can react in different ways, depending on the way your attitude is. This officer thought he was in control of this situation because he has a uniform and is dealing with a kid. Police are so used to full compliance from the majority of public they do not question what they do is wrong, and expect full compliance all the time. So when you burst their bubble they don’t know how to react, but feel the need to, save face, which is a natural human response. This Police man was going for detainment, ID, and no mask fines. But time and time again this PC Stone was left quite speechless and couldn’t find anything on his phone or in his brain to back up what he has been conditioned to do. Look at his clear white eyes at the start, then look at the red watery eyes they become, rage, embarrassment, humiliation. His illusion of power, belief and law has been shattered, or at least it should be, but I fear that because it was a young cockerel showing off his feathers he will kid himself and distract himself that it was just a brat instead of looking at the content of the interaction. But if everyone had the polite friendly non compliant narrative, I believe we could wake the majority of police from their plight in quick time. He has to let this cocky kid go in the end despite desperately wanting to have revenge. Sorry for rambling just found it fascinating and wanted to share.”


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