203 Refugees Released from US-controlled Rukban Concentration Camp – Syria News

203 refugees were released from the infamous Rukban concentration camp run by Trump forces from their illegal military base in Tanf in the deep Syrian eastern desert.

96 children and 59 women were among this latest batch freed in the past 24 hours from the ‘Rukban hell-hole’ and headed to a Syrian government reception center.

Major General Alexander Grynkiewicz, Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria, said that 20038 refugees released by the US army running the camp have reached Syrian government-controlled areas since the opening of the Jleb checkpoint. Among the released refugees were 9946 children and 5711 women, the Russian official added.

Trump forces are running the Rukban concentration camp with the help of Maghawir Thawra, an ISIS offshoot terrorist group. The US side exploits the suffering of the Syrian refugees in its inhumane pressure it exerts on the Syrian government.

Russia and the United Nations have pleaded numerous times to the US officials to allow the release of thousands of the Syrian civilians held in inhumane circumstances in the camp, the US side insists on demonstrating the true face of their country and continue its crimes against humanity, and even increasing the economic burden on Syria knowing very well it affects only the ordinary people.

203 Refugees Released from US-controlled Rukban Concentration Camp

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