“Biggest Monster Rebounds!” COVID “Pandemic” Has Triggered (On Purpose) a Global Hunger and Population Displacement. UN Report – Global Research

Convergence of Interests

This entire course of events can be seen from another perspective, not so entirely different from that of observers of the Irish famine more than a century ago, during which England’s Lord Trevelyan, considering Catholic Ireland overpopulated, regarded the famine, which starved to death at least 1.5 million Irish citizens, a very effective means of reducing the Irish overpopulation:  “culling” the population, and although others regarded Trevelyan as a mass murderer for his policies which calculatedly starved 1.5 million Irish to death, he was honored in Britain.  Similarly, there are those fixated on reducing the global population, and from a cynical (or realistic) perspective, may regard Covid-19 as an effective method of “culling” the undesirable poor and people of color throughout the world.  While it is true that Covid-19 also (TCTT editor note: Allegedly) infects some heads of state, and various celebrities, including the US President, these privileged ones have access to the best health treatment, and have the luxury of vast “social distancing” to protect their elite cohort.

While there is an enormous amount of attention given to the so-called lethal spread of the so-called lethal Covid-19, this may be a mask obscuring other benefits the oligarchy accrue from this current global pandemic, as earlier warned by the UN, the COVID is also being used to attempt to justify unwarranted “intrusive surveillance,” curfews, contact tracing and other methods of social control and repression  used by fascist police states.  There are numerous “conspiracy theories,” but as the gap between the miniscule few who each possess hundreds of billions of dollars, and the vast majority of people throughout the world  who are increasingly destitute and desperate economically,  these conspiracy “theories” bear increasing resemblance to reality.

“Biggest Monster Rebounds!” COVID “Pandemic” Has Triggered a Global Hunger and Population Displacement. UN Report

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