BOILER ROOM: From 1,000 Points of Light to a Seven Point Plan – What Could Go Wrong? – Alternate Current Radio

Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – The uninterruptible radiologue of HESHER, SPORE and their ever growing braintrust of social rejects continues into the depths of the dreaded 2020 once again. We’re deep in it everyone, the election cycle is not done by any means, the new abnormal of covidianism marches onward, like it or not and we’re here to chew the fat off the agendas and narratives for this Nov. 12th LIVE broadcast of BOILER ROOM. We’re Joined by Ruckus, Chopper, Infidel Pharaoh, Odd Man Out and Smokestack for this meeting.

Is the election really over? Is there any meat in the Trump law suits? What has been submitted in Georgia with regards to potential problems with the vote count?

If Biden ends up the President of the United States, what is his “day one” platform looking like… survey says, lots of talk about masks, contact tracing, lockdowns, quarantines, medical products developed by shady biotech engineers, stimulus checks… all for our own safety, of course, and not to usher in any sort of removal of civil liberty, riiiiiight?!

From 1,000 Points of Light to a Seven Point Plan: What Could Go Wrong?

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