Sham Elections a US Tradition – Stephen Lendman

From inception as designed by the nation’s founders, democracy in America has been and continues to be pure fantasy — the real thing prohibited by executive, legislative, and judicial actions.

Powerful interests control things — the will of the people shut out.

Money-controlled secrecy and back room deals substitute for a free, fair and open process.

Americans get the best “democracy” money can buy.

Jimmy Carter earlier called the US election process “one of the (world’s) worst…because of the excessive influx of money.”

The system is debauched by design.

Candidates for high office are selected, not elected.

The US public is fed a steady diet of political doublespeak and  demagoguery, along with managed news misinformation and disinformation by corporate-controlled media.

Gains from Civil and Voting Rights legislation of the 1960s are long gone. 

Elections are more selections than reflections of popular sentiment.

There’s nothing remotely democratic about US governance.

It’s always been of, by, and for privileged interests exclusively — ordinary people to be exploited, not served.

Sham Elections a US Tradition

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