On November 17th, the Armenian Military Portal released information regarding corruption in the country, as it had vowed to do so previously.

The portal released leaked documents revealing an international criminal fraud organized by the Ministry of Defense of Armenia on a large scale.

In particular, an agreement between the Armenian Defense Minister and a dummy private person David Galstyan (Patron David) on the creation of an offshore company “Mosston Engineering”, according to which the offshore company borrows $3.5 million from the Ministry of Defense, was released online.

Furthermore, a document was also leaked, which gives the offshore company exclusive rights to purchase military equipment and ammunition on behalf of the Armenian Defense Ministry.

This private figurehead is on the international wanted list, criminal cases have been opened against him, in some countries he has been declared persona non grata, in particular in Russia, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates and in other countries.

In Armenia, “he” is financed and closely cooperates with the Ministry of Defense and even appears in videos with high-ranking generals.

This offshore company was engaged in money laundering acquiring faulty and decommissioned equipment from the former post-Soviet countries and not only, and it sells them at brand-new-price levels.

So in recent years, faulty Osa air defense systems from the 60s and the M55 memory of the 50s were purchased from Jordan for $27 million.

The decommissioned Soviet shells from Kazakhstan were purchased for $30 million.

And the list goes on.

The corruption scheme worked well and all requests to the Ministry of Defense demanding clarifications regarding the acquisition of inexpedient ammunition at an exorbitant price received one reply that all purchases of the Ministry of Defense were a state secret.

There is also evidence that a dummy private person of the Ministry of Defense attempted to initiate cooperation with the Turkish security forces.

The portal received documents confirming that the offshore company Mosston Engineering acquired units of AK47 cartridges worth 10 million rubles from Kazakhstan and transferred them to the territory of Turkey.

As it is clear, Turkey is a NATO member and does not use AK47, so it all comes down to the fact that the ammunition was intended for pro-Turkish militants in Syria, who use this ammunition not only against Assad’s government troops, but also against Russian troops operating in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The list of purchased shells for military equipment that is not in service with the Armenian army is also long. The Armenian Defense Ministry has turned into a huge money laundering factory and a staging post for the supply of ammunition to Turkish terrorists.


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