The Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) has prepared a large-scale project to reform the Security Service of Ukraine – SBU.

Until now, the SBU was the only power structure that operated under the 1992 law.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tried to reform the secret service this spring by submitting an appropriate bill to the Rada. But the document significantly expanded the functions of the service, which drew criticism from all sides.

Therefore, in the Rada the project was sent for revision. After several months of work on the document, it was rewritten so much that the name of the initiator, Zelensky, even disappeared from its “header”.

The new project is so different from its predecessor that the head of the SBU himself, Ivan Bakanov, raised the alarm.

The idea of the reform was published back in mid-October.

The website of the Servant of the People party posted a blog by People’s Deputy Maryana Bezugla about the reform of the SBU.

She was part of the international leadership program of the US State Department “Healthcare and Marginalized Populations”, which significantly affected her career – immediately before the elections, she was already hired in the Ministry of Defense, where she led the program “Reform of the medical care system. Armed Forces” in the project office of reforms.

In parliament, she entered the National Security Committee. And it was Bezuglaya who became the head of the group on the development of the draft reform of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The MPs decided that such a reform would be worked out in parliament back in the spring of 2020, when a draft SBU reform from the president was submitted to parliament. Even in the pro-presidential faction, Zelensky was accused of wanting to strengthen the powers of the special service, and therefore it was decided to rewrite his reform.

The SBU is the only law enforcement structure that has never been reformed since its inception. The special services work in accordance with the law adopted back in 1992. It partially duplicates the functions of the police. And this reform should eliminate this problem, as planned.

In her blog about this reform, Bezuglaya wrote that it was decided to reduce the law enforcement functions of the SBU, but create a large counterintelligence service that would counter threats to state security from other countries and groups.

Also, the special service decided to move away from the investigation of economic crimes.

Notably, the draft law also includes provisions that are specifically aimed at censorship of media.

The bill gives the SBU an interesting function – to monitor the propaganda of terrorism and separatism on TV and radio. And to make a presentation on such a TV channel to the National Council – after which he will be able to start checking the media and then either fine or go to court to revoke the license.

In short, the SBU are given control over the media, but at the same time can no longer investigate corruption in any form, political or otherwise.

Nothing has happened yet, censorship, however, is moving forward full speed. The supposedly ‘democratic’ government of Ukraine continues its totalitarian push destroying the last vestiges of the freedom of speech as well as the religious and political freedoms. After suffering another rating fall due to its inability to turn into reality election promises, the Zelensky administration opted to continue fighting its main enemies: opposition parties, independent media and the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. According to the Kiev government, all the current internal problems of Ukraine are a result of ‘destructive actions’ of these forces rather than the anti-Ukrainian policies of the country’s own government after 2014.


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