Crash Test Dummies in the Post-COVID Era – 21st Century Wire

Giving up our freedoms is never a good idea. The cautionary tale from history would suggest nothing is more jeopardous to a free society. If this government paper is anything to go by, the legality of lockdown is being marshalled for mandatory vaccinations. The verdict of Simon Dolan’s court case against the Secretary of State sets an alarming legal precedent which lawyers on a Parliamentary Committee are using to pronounce mandatory vaccinations lawful. Despite the human rights violations and contravention of the Nuremberg code.

The misuse and abuse of legislation to enforce ministerial caprice, has caused Johnson’s government to veer dangerously off course from the protector of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to a regulator of the most prosaic aspects of our civic lives. Extraordinary acts of overreach that seize jurisdiction where there should be none.

The mandating of face coverings is another injunction over our bodies that could be used to gain proprietary over our immune systems. Anticipating rushed-through vaccinations, from criminal pharmaceutical companies, standing to make record gains from the politicised cash-cow.

Multiple studies have shown the ineffectiveness of face masks. Even Fauci declared the muzzle an act of compliance at a time when toppling statues and bending the knee was fashionable.

Newsnight reported the WHO Committee ruled against face coverings, but u-turned following political lobbying.  So there you have it, masks are a political virtue signal, and not an evidenced based preventative to infectious contamination.

Irrespective of this prior consensus, masks are now compulsory. The contagion of fear has given rise to unquestioning obedience, regulated by the gatekeepers of the economy, and endemic of a state ruling by proxy coercion or bribery.

Meanwhile, measured perspective is an act of war. The last defence against tyranny,  the refuseniks, rapidly approach endangered species status. Exiled along supermarket aisles and according to many, the scourge of society, guilty of a capital offence.

Most are unquestioning of these grovelling acts of submission, where blind faith in authority and our ability to adapt makes us sitting ducks. All systems of control depend on irrationalities such as the mask. We know our compliance to be deeply flawed, yet carry on regardless, self-effacing and wittingly duped. Vindicating ourselves by replacing logic with even more compliance.

Crash Test Dummies in the Post-COVID Era

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