“Corona: False Alarm?” ranking #1 bestseller in six Amazon categories – MuchAdoAboutCorona

As of today, the English translation of Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Karina Reiss book, Corona: False Alarm?, ranks #1 in the following categories:

#1 in Biostatistics (Amazon.ca & Amazon.com)

#1 in Business Health & Safety Reference (Amazon.co.uk)

#1 in Epidemiology (Amazon.co.uk)

#1 in Health Policy (Amazon.ca)

#1 in Health Law (Amazon.com)

#1 in Microbiology (Amazon.caAmazon.com & Amazon.co.uk)

While I’m no fan of Amazon’s takeover of the book market, it’s a hopeful sign when this corporate giant is distributing and, essentially, promoting the truth about the COVID-19 scandal. Maybe they just can’t pass up the money; maybe they actually care about free speech; or maybe they feared banning the book would only give it more publicity.

“Corona: False Alarm?” ranking #1 bestseller in six Amazon categories

Some reviews from Amazon.co.uk

Cliched statement but – A MUST READ!

I’m the type of person the Government and Authorities dislike – the reason? Because I think for myself and ask questions.

In early 2020 I saw the videos from China of people falling over in the street, the videos from Italy of the packed hospital corridors and then the UK videos of people struggling to breath supposedly on ventilators. As a father and husband I reacted in worry and concern and went along with instructions. We stayed in if possible, washed our hands religiously and went for walks whilst keeping a distance if coming into contact with anyone.

However, after months of Lockdown my wife and I started to discuss why we’re not seeing any of the hospitals full, why were all the nurses just creating dancing TikTok videos, why don’t we know anyone that’s actually had this virus? So we started to look at data – all available online via the NHS website. We started doing maths and realised that the figures just didn’t add up to the restrictions that were being enforced – a 99.8% survival rate – those that were actually dying were 80 years of age + and had health issues – also those of a younger age also had health issues. Any relatively healthy person between the age of 0-70 years of age had practically zero chance of having any issues with this virus – maybe just a small bout of flu.

Having contacted my Welsh Senedd representative (Labour) I asked why our recent Local Lockdown was implemented – where and how did they get their data from? She sent me a link to the NHS website.

This whole COVID-19 is either a complete and utter plane crash response by the Governments around the world or being run it’s course by the Pharmaceutical Companies alongside those that are going to make BILLIONS from all of this.

This book provides data, actual hard hitting factual scientific data with links and sources. I read it within 24 hours because I just couldn’t put it down. This is an absolute must for anyone who has started to question what the hell is going on.

The science not the hysteria.

An enlightening read, confirming the data available indicating this virus is no more than a variant of the flu. It becomes obvious that darker forces are behind the scamdemic we are facing. We are being lied to by government and media. To cover up a global financial collapse perhaps?

An Authentic Wake Up Call!

Excellent book with extensive references. Both a catalogue of the socio-political events which have shaped the alleged ‘pandemic’ with useful discussions of means and motivations; and, as you’d expect from two scientists of such eminence, a forensic examination of the truths and lies about the virus and the implications of these. I thoroughly recommend this book, which equally functions as a very useful reference text for those who saw the deception for what it was from its early stages; and as a wakeup call for those still labouring under the misapprehension of the validity of official claims regarding the perceived danger of the virus. It also confirms the notion of the ‘crisis’ as the living embodiment of the ‘lockstep’ model. The book focuses largely on developments in Germany, yet as a UK reader the events described are virtually identical to what happened here and all over the Western world. One can only hope that one day this book will serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of collusion between governments, media, the medical establishment, big business and technocracy in a future world which pulled back from the brink of facism, totalitarianism and the enslavement of the 99%. The German origin of this book adds an extra verisimilitude to its warnings of what the crisis is bringing to societies all over the world as it has direct recent experience of what fascism really is and how manufactured fear and the indifference of the masses can have fatal and calamitous outcomes. Must read…before its too late…

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