Did the BBC use a Nour Al Din Zinki supporter as researcher for Mayday series? – Vanessa Beeley

Abd AlKader Habak was a researcher on the BBC series Mayday, produced by Chloe Hadjimatheou. While western audiences were swamped by images of him supposedly saving a child from the Rashideen massacre in April 2017, survivor testimonies that I gathered placed him prior to the planned suicide attack, chatting amicably with the armed groups led by Nusra Front or Al Qaeda in Syria.  I will be shortly writing up my research into the background and affiliations of Habak including the fact he was “trained” by British intelligence outreach agents who were responsible for the production of “citizen journalists” to provide the propaganda to criminalise the Syrian state and allies. 

There is certainly evidence taken from various social media pages that Habak had a close working relationship with members or supporters of Nour Al Din Zinki – child beheaders and extremist militants formerly sponsored by the US. He also appears with “medical staff” who welcomed Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini to Aleppo prior to the liberation of East Aleppo by the Syrian Arab Army and allies in December 2016. Muhaysini is responsible for the training of child suicide bombers among many other sadisitic and brutal crimes this Riyadh sponsored religious fanatic has committed inside Syria. 

Habak was also brought in by Chloe Hadjimatheou to provide cover for the accustaions of organ trafficking that have been levied against the White Helmets by Syrian civilians. Habak posited a theory that the missing organs might be due to “autopsies” carried out in Turkey before bodies are returned to relatives. Chloe does not fully endorse this theory, true, but neither does she question it in any depth. Nor does she investigate the background and allegiances of Habak or, for that matter, Farouq Al Habib, who also appears in the same episode backing up Habak’s claims. Habib was a leader of “revolutionary” armed groups in Homs before integrating into Mayday Rescue and providing translation services for the leader of the White Helmets, another terrorist affiliate, Raed Saleh – kicked out of the US in 2016 for his “extremist connections”. 

My full article on the Rashideen massacre is here. 

Meanwhile, here is my email conversation with Chloe Hadjimatheou, in full. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions but it is clear that answers will not be forthcoming from the BBC: 

Did the BBC use a Nour Al Din Zinki supporter as researcher for Mayday series?

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