The PA Excels in Theatre of the Absurd – The Palestine Chronicle

If there is one thing in which the Palestinian Authority excels, it is theatre of the absurd. Following its announcement that, based on international reassurances, there will be a resumption of security coordination with Israel, the PA’s official news outlet Wafa published a news brief detailing the Palestinian leadership’s welcome of commendations from international bodies over the decision. However, would the international community ever contradict the entities funded by itself that hold sway over the two-state rhetoric?

So the PA “welcomed the position of the Middle East Quartet which affirmed that the Palestinian Government’s resumption of the relations with Israel creates the necessary conditions to build confidence and return to direct negotiations on final status issues.” The reality is that the PA is merely trying to give some diplomatic spin to its betrayal of the Palestinian people, knowing that it will not be held to account for collaborating with Israel and the UN in depriving Palestinians of their legitimate rights to land and autonomy.

The PA Excels in Theatre of the Absurd

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