COVID, The Great Reset, Warp Speed and the Arrival of the Darkest Winter – Global Research

A Conversation with Derrick Broze

While Donald Trump continues to stoke the flames of division and uncertainty surrounding election 2020, the Establishment is also preparing for the possibility of martial law in response to this chaos. Meanwhile, the public is being prepped for a second wave of COVID-19 infections which could lead to the foreshadowed Darkest Winter. While we don’t care to instill fear we do encourage everyone to heed these warnings and be prepared for potential unrest in the days and weeks following the election.

– Derrick Broze, excerpt of The Darkest Winter

The ballots to the US Presidential election have been counted. That tally indicates that the Joe Biden won and that Donald Trump lost.

The battle isn’t quite over yet. Trump insisted since the night of the election that he won. Biden’s victory after the fact was, according to Trump, a product of election-rigging and fraud.

None of the courts to which he has challenged the election results have so far seen any substantial evidence of election fraud. But not only is the 45th President sticking to his guns, but a huge swath of the population – fully 70 percent of the Republican Party – is backing the President’s position!

The interesting development though is how this circumstance was predicted as an outcome! In October, the site featured extensive conversations about election simulations guided by the Transition Integrity Project (TIP). The drill anticipated scenarios where Trump lost the election but refused to accept defeat under any circumstances, resulting in chaos confusion and possibly a potential civil war.

On October 29, a video, The Darkest Winter, debuted about 5 days in advance of the election. It was intended as a message and a warning to members of the general public. Not only was it about the election result, it highlighted the potential for a second wave of COVID-19, which was predicted by several officials, and even the prospect of martial law being invoked to contain the ebullient spirits waking up opposing any establishment narratives.

The author of The Darkest Winter is a young man by the name of Derrick Broze. He will be our feature guest this week.

COVID, The Great Reset, Warp Speed and the Arrival of the Darkest Winter

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