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There is a huge amount of material on CIA involvement in Hollywood. This is not new, but it seems to have been compartmentalized by most Americans and shuttled off into the dark corners of their consciousness. Most people largely don’t want to know. And the reasons for this are complex.

But before digging into that, its not only the CIA that shapes entertainment, its nearly all institutions of government and almost all corporations and media itself. Giant media conglomerates are in a sense hardly distinguishable from the CIA and Pentagon and State Department. Which is rather close to the classic definition of fascism.

The esteemed former University of Southern California law professor Erwin Chemerinsky agrees. In Operation ­Hollywood, Chemerinsky asserts thatthe Supreme Court has said that above all, the First Amendment means that the government cannot participate in viewpoint discrimination.Itcannot favor some speech due to its viewpoint and disfavor another because of its viewpoint.Moreover, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in his 1995 decision Rosenberger­v.­ The ­University ­of­ Virginia that the government must abstain fromregulating speech when the specific motivating ideology or the opinion or perspective of the speaker is the rationale for the restriction.
Tricia Jenkins – The CIA in Hollywood

And yet this is what happens constantly.

…they have become very good at persuading the public that a good movie is the one that opened strongest last weekend, even if the critics hated it. The media helps them do it, by reporting on box office figures without discussing the ways that those figures are manipulated. The media are part of the gravy train anyway, because of the ad campaign revenue.
Paul Brynes (Sydney Herald, 2014)

Now, again, the cooperation of the CIA and Pentagon is well known. Two films that won Oscars for best picture (Argo and Hurt Locker) were essentially pure CIA and Pentagon propaganda. And this to not even get into stuff like Zero Dark Thirty. But what is more pernicious is how, in turn, all public narratives have taken on the quality of a Hollywood movie. And today this is evident in the way the Covid lockdowns are being depicted.

Watch the opening episodes of any of the Dick Wolf TV franchises this new season: Chicago MedFBI: Most Wanted, etc., and you see blatant unquestioning support for the government narrative (FBI agent advises daughter to not leave the house without her mask). This exactly meets the definition of propaganda. Dissenting views are completely absent. In Chicago Med the pandemic is depicted as if it were bubonic plague. Public discourse on the pandemic reflects TV’s treatment.

In fact dissent is usually portrayed as dangerous and unpatriotic.

The looming question is, then, why do so many people attack dissenters when they know (because the information has been around and available for thirty years) the government (and Hollywood) lie…they lie all the time. In fact they ONLY lie.

Now, recent polls suggest that half of Americans reject the idea of more lockdowns. That’s a lot of people. Yet very few of those people speak up, or post opinions on social media. And this is an interesting phenomenon. There is an enormous fear of being called ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘anti vaxxer’ or ‘Covid truther’ etc. There is a tacit assault on the truth itself embedded in this stigmatizing. A pathologization of the search for truth. And this seems something that has arisen out of the culture of social media.

One understands that if the law says wear a mask or be fined, then people will wear the mask. But there is no law (yet) in expressing a dissenting opinion. And this lynch mob mentality has, predictably, attracted the most virulent xenophobic and racist memes and opinions possible. Of course major social media platforms like twitter and facebook are perilously close to outright censorship now. One is labeled dangerous if one questions the narrative on the pandemic.

Simply pointing out that the fatality rate is extremely low despite all the lurid headlines is cause for censorship on facebook. Stating facts has become, quite literally, dangerous.

But there is another layer involved in the shaping of opinion. And perhaps it is better to describe this as the shaping of consciousness itself. And this is because its really not just opinion, its something both more expansive and much deeper. One aspect is the now glaring infantilizing of the public (an interesting sidebar).

And one aspect of this childishness is the aforementioned compartmentalization. Many of these people attacking dissenters well know the government lies. Ask them about WMDs or Yellow Cake in Niger, or mobile chemical weapons labs, or even the guns to Contras and US death trained death squads in Central America. They know they were lied to. And yet they desperately cling to official narrative regards Covid.

Fascist Kabuki

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