Panic and Hysteria Completely Unfounded – LewRockwell

I find this highly interesting. John Hopkins and the CDC published a study and then deleted it rather quickly. The study revealed statistics showing COVID-19 has no measurable effect on deaths in the U.S.

This study was authored by Genevieve Briand who is the Assistant Program Director of the Applied Economics master’s program at John Hopkins. In her paper she notes that the death rate in the US this year shows almost no change compared to previous years despite the presence of COVID-19, meaning, things are essentially the same! She also notes that the reason older people have a higher number of reported COVID-19 deaths is because older people die in higher numbers than younger people.

Briand compiled and analyzed death rates among all age groups before and after the pandemic and she found that the death rate among older people remained the same as in previous years prior to 2020. She also found that the death rate from COVID-19 among younger people has not increased and, in fact, in every age category the death rate has remained the same before the dawn of the pandemic. What this suggests is that all of the panic and hysteria is completely unfounded.

Briand also pointed out that what has changed in this year of 2020 is that ALL OTHER CAUSES OF DEATH have “mysteriously declined” as COVID-19 deaths have increased! That’s nothing short of ASTOUNDING isn’t it? She concluded that what the statistics show is that ALL causes of death are now being categorized EXCLUSIVELY as deaths due to the virus and, meanwhile, very few people seem to being dying anymore from such things as heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, etc. Again….ASTOUNDING!

Panic and Hysteria Completely Unfounded

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