Covid-19 Vaccines – Important Information – Hawthorn News

I was hoping to stay away from the topic of vaccines. However, I feel it is important that people have a place to view information about them that isn’t being shared by the mainsteam media. The decsion on whether to have the vaccine or not is something personal to each individual. I am not in any way making any suggestions on what people should do in terms of the vaccination. But it is important to make an informed choice. I’m not anti vaccine and I had all the required vaccines as a child. However, I am personally very concerned about the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine due to the short timeframe in which it has been rolled out, and then after viewing the official information on the UK Government website. Also the mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine. I know that this page is long, but please read.

Covid-19 Vaccines – Important Information

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