Rishi Sunak Pressured to Reveal Links to Firm with £380m Stake in Vaccine Mogul Moderna – 21st Century Wire

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

When it comes to the government’s preferred vaccine manufactures, all the firms are riddled with scandals, but none more so than biotechnology company Moderna.

From its not-so-humble beginnings being bankrolled by the planet’s most wealthy insider investment funds, it was referred to as “biotech’s most secretive startups.”

We also just learned this week this vaccine mogul has already begun testing its experimental mRNA COVID vaccine on children as young as 12.

Also, drug giant Pfizer has already started testing in order to “see its effects in teens and children.”

As governments create opportunities to guarantee profits for these transnational giants by pre-ordering tens of millions of doses of unproven COVID-19 vaccines, the company’s executives have been busy getting rich of their initial share bounce, selling off shares at record levels, as NPR reports:

“Whether the coronavirus vaccine developed by Moderna succeeds or not, executives at the small biotech company have already made tens of millions of dollars by cashing in their stock. An NPR examination of official company disclosures has revealed additional irregularities and potential warning signs.”

If one was to probe Boris Johnson’s government for links to Big Pharma of all of its ministers, science advisors and coronavirus task force members – they’ll no doubt find copious amounts of evidence revealing their real conflicts of interest with the predatory pharmaceutical industry. This has already been proven with Johnson’s two chief medical and science advisors and lockdown architects Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance.

Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak, one of the architects of his government’s gutting of the country’s economy and crushing of its entire High Street and SME business sector, middle and workings classes – also appears to have a potentially jarring conflict of interest relating to Moderna, one of his government’s main corporate partners.

Rishi Sunak Pressured to Reveal Links to Firm with £380m Stake in Vaccine Mogul Moderna

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