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While you were busy eating your Thanksgiving dinner, you probably were not paying much attention to the Danish government’s attempt to enact the ‘Epidemic Law’ which is a law in Denmark that would have given authorities the power to enforce rigid quarantines and, more importantly, mandate police enforced vaccination against coronavirus as well as ‘detainment’ if people refused.

The result of this mandate was exactly what should happen in a society when the government oversteps its bounds. The Danes took to the streets and nine days of public protests ensued. Much to my satisfaction, the Danish government relented but governments around the world are already planning on what to do for the ‘refusniks’ who do not obediently queue and roll up their sleeves.

The [fake] “left”  [Dems. Joe Biden, et al] presents itself as the advocate for the common person, the voice of the oppressed and the architects of social justice. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to this subject. Suddenly all their bluster about representing individual rights is replaced with a diametrically opposed philosophy which is only one example of how their stated claims represent hypocrisy or even outright lies.

For years, the “left” [Dems] spouted the slogan ‘my body, my choice’ but rest assured that this does not apply to either masks or vaccines. Suddenly, their mentality at the expense of liberty becomes irrefutable. The next time this issue is discussed in the media, listen for the code words which lift the veil as to what is really being prepared. You will be told you need to acquiesce for the ‘common good’ or ‘for the comfort and safety of others’. This is the real face of the modern “left” which for thirty years has been using Mrs Clinton’s ‘It takes a village’ rationale to gut our civil liberties. If it indeed takes a village, then realize quickly that it is the village that will make your choices for you and you will have no say if the left’s [Dems] goals are realized.

No doubt, someone reading this in the United States is thinking ‘certainly this cannot happen here’. Think again… you are being naive. It is already happening and if there were to be a Biden or Harris Administration, this will escalate at a speed which will horrify you while your civil liberties evaporate before your eyes.

In the US, Ticketmaster controls music and drama seating and while it is currently facing a lawsuit over its near monopoly status, they are already planning on barring entry to venues for those who refuse to be forcibly vaccinated. Far more obtrusive to our lifestyle are the airlines plans to install a digital certification of vaccination they call a ‘health pass’ which will ban people from flying if they will not take the needle.

Meanwhile on the ground, Uber and other ride share companies are beginning to refuse service to those who will not accept their ‘new safety protocols’. So, protests may have the potential to officially resist mandatory vaccines but consider the ramifications. These vaccines have been rushed into production, they have been insufficiently tested and they utilize new delivery methods with unknown efficacy or side effects. The ability of those who do not wish to be test subjects may find their social lives impacted, their ability to travel outside their nation – or even state – severely limited and perhaps even potential bans from employment. So, to put it bluntly, you can refuse the vaccine so long as you are content to be a leper who remains at home and is unemployed. Even more sinister in terms of Biblical implications is that some financial institutions are considering denying banking services to those who will not obey their demands.

American Sovereignty Network is aware that we have followers in at least fourteen nations and we are honored you choose to monitor what we are doing. This truly is a subject which knows no borders and vaccination is not an ‘American issue’ because already world plans are being instituted for draconian travel passes which basically will create a global police state. In the coming weeks, American Sovereignty Network will be releasing a statement on the Great Reset that is planned by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which is working with the globalist Rockefeller Foundation to create what they term the ‘Common Pass’ which will be the addition of vaccination records to passports and visas. Simply put, vaccination will be a prerequisite for travel.

Your medical tests or vaccinations will be uploaded to your mobile device and will be scanned at airports, hotels, destinations or wherever they deem it necessary to control the populace. While the length of this commentary prevents a thorough summary of all the stated goals, there are enough telling excerpts to know that what is being assembled is not a temporary health safety policy until coronavirus disappears but rather a permanent surveillance and control system. This is not just a policy planned for the future, it is slowly being implemented now. CommonPass is already in use on United Airlines flights from London to Newark as well as Cathay Pacific transit from Hong Kong to Singapore. Its use is expected to be expanded with Australia being one of the next anticipated locations.

So, what can be done about this? Any examination of how to stop the infringement of civil liberties should quickly arrive at the conclusion that retaining our rights while we still have them is far easier than attempting to reclaim that which has already been lost. The first logical step is to inform as many people as you can. Remember that most people who are saturated in the mainstream media will find expressions such as ‘technocracy’, ‘mark of the beast’, ‘globalist serf state’ and other similarly themed expressions to be easy to dismiss via the now knee jerk charge of conspiracy theory. Start with something which impacts their lives. Ask them questions such as:

Do you wish life would go back to normal?

How would you feel if you were required to take a vaccine with no long term testing?

Should healthy people who do not fall into ‘high risk’ categories be required to accept an inoculation they do not want for an illness that is 0.08% fatal?

Do you want to live a life where masks and injections are mandatory from here onward?

If we can be forced to take a coronavirus vaccine, how many others will you accept?

What will you do if you are told you cannot travel, go to a hotel or large event without first being willing to receive an injection?

Do you trust the government and pharmaceutical companies with personal health choices, especially since drug companies have a strong profit motive?

These questions are nothing more than conversation starters but that is exactly the goal. Most rational people will have a difficult time hearing themselves say something to the effect of ‘People should have no right to determine what is put in their bodies; that is up to the government’.

So, finding a way to start the conversation is the first step for those willing to ponder what question(s) you have posed. Then, offer some specific sources as to validate what you are saying. Keep in mind that most people immersed in mainstream media will not be likely to gravitate towards alternative sources because they have yet to understand that 92% of media on three continents is controlled by six corporate conglomerates. So, I suggest you find a few citations that you can remember before starting such a discourse.

Vaccine Tyranny

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