Nasra Abukar: Another British Terrorist in Syria Wants to Go Home – Syria News

Twenty-four year old British terrorist Nasra Abukar who disappeared from her native London in 2014 is reported to have recently been found in the al Hol concentration camp, in Syria. The ever arrogant, colonial British media have headlined her as “missing teen” who was the subject of an intense search.

The colonial scum warmongering NATO stenographers have not acknowledged she was legally an adult woman when she intentionally left her country of birth, to join other chunks of foreign human garbage dumped into Syria.

All Brit media refer to the adult woman terrorist as a child.

Al Hol, Syria, was originally a camp for internally displaced persons — that is, Syrian human beings forced to abandon their homes, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, to escape the foreign detritus, armed by NATO countries, and deployed to destroy the sovereignty of the Levantine republic. Soon after, it was captured by NATO wetworkers and armed separatist traitors within the Kurdish population — YPG remarketed as SDF per Pentagon request so that the US would not have to remove the YPG from its own terror list — under the protection of American illegals, a.k.a. “soldiers.”

When NATO media report on violent criminals in Syria, wishing to return to their native countries, they do not mention that the Syrian Arab Republic has consistently invited the world’s leaders in genocide to take their monsters back, to reclaim their human garbage.

Nasra Abukar and Aseel Muthana have been added to the list of foreign garbage demanding their rights to go home and live happily ever after.

To the occasional western supremacists who occasionally stop by to give the evil eye to Syria News and whose very very fine sensibilities might be disturbed by this author’s refusal to use euphemisms to describe the rotting sewage masquerading as humanoids, we end with just a few photographs of what these pathogens have done to Syrians, in Syria:

Nasra Abukar: Another British Terrorist in Syria Wants to Go Home

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