Covid Vaccines: Protection or Biohazards? – Stephen Lendman

All vaccines are hazardous to human health.

Annually, the US Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) reports thousands of serious adverse vaccine reactions, including many deaths and disabling disabilities.

Instead of highlighting the danger, corporate-controlled establishment media suppress what’s vital for everyone to know — one of many reasons why they can never be trusted.

Scientific evidence shows that vaccines can cause chronic headaches, rashes, skin lesions, seizures, autism, anemia, multiple sclerosis, ALS, cancer, diabetes, polio, infertility, and many other health issues.

Promoted protection against covid by vaxxing risks far greater harm to health than any benefit.

Development of vaccines takes years. Most trials fail. 

Information war brainwashing is being waged by mass media on the public. 

It requires a giant leap of faith to accept fourth estate-promoted industry propaganda about soon-to-be-available covid vaccines.

According to industry data, about 90% of drugs (including vaccines) that reach clinical stage development never get FDA approval in the US for human use — for lack of efficacy, adverse reactions and other reasons.

Covid vaccines about to be rolled out, perhaps by late December, were developed in 6 to 9 months — on the phony pretext of addressing a national emergency that DOES NOT exist.

Covid Vaccines: Protection or Biohazards?

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