Urgent Safety Warning: Health Experts Petition to Stop All COVID-19 Human Vaccine Trials – 21st Century Wire

As governments and corporate media around the world shift into public relations overdrive promoting the new COVID-19 vaccine – in the hopes of fast-tracking the controversial product’s approval, it seems that neither politicians nor journalists are very interested in addressing the mounting concerns over the rushed nature of its adoption, as well as scientifically-grounded concerns over the experimental product’s lack of long-term safety data.

Normally, a vaccine product would take between four to ten years to develop and properly test in order to ensure its long-term viability and safety before being deployed into the general population. However, due to emotive claims being made by western governments, public health officials and media outlets saying, ‘we cannot wait that long for a vaccine,’ massive political pressure has been put to bear on government regulators to allow pharmaceutical firms to bypass, or ‘fast-track’ normal testing and trial protocols in order to release their brand new mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine as early as December 2020. This means that after effectively skipping over normal long-term clinical animal safety trials followed by long-range clinical human trials, firms like PfizerAstraZeneca and Moderna are being allowed to release their as yet unproven experimental mRNA technology into the population – after only spending a few months in development and human testing.

There have been multiple reports of serious side effects, and even deaths, suffered by human subjects taking part in their fast-tracked studies. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admitted this week that that six trial participants had died, four of who were in the control group, after receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Despite this and other reports, the FDA still claim that there are ‘no specific safety concerns’ that would prevent the mRNA vaccine being approved.

Leading the way in pushing for an unusual rapid roll-out of the experimental vaccine are the United StatesUnited KingdomCanada and Australia.

While politicians, government regulators and the media seem to be accepting the word of Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna, believing that their new nRNA vaccines have indeed ‘worked’ in clinical trials, the reality is there is still still no way of actually knowing if any of the corporations’ broad claims about effectiveness or safety will actually hold up in real-world scenarios. The attitude seems to be one of, “We’ll know more about the effects later on, after we vaccinate the population.” In this sense, politicians and media are effectively allowing the pharmaceutical firms to use the general population as one giant clinical study – something which is unprecedented in history on such a mammoth scale.

Urgent Safety Warning: Health Experts Petition to Stop All COVID-19 Human Vaccine Trials

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