Will Their New Normal Become ‘Never Normal Again?’ – 21st Century Wire

One of the most disturbing aspects of the ongoing COVID craze, is that the legions of supposed ‘experts’ in government and media are now doubling-down on their failed strategies from the last nine months. It’s as if government technocrats and their vaunted science advisors are intent on re-running the same script and playbook again, hoping that by some miracle, their faith-based predictions of doom will finally materialize – giving them additional license to implement even more draconian rules, laws and social engineering agendas like the ‘New Normal’ technocracy diktats currently being pushed through individual governments by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Host Laura Ingraham explains why the current hysteria over the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ and panic-driven lockdown policies, the obsession with masks, and the attack on Christmas – are all nothing more than convenient authoritarian devices designed to breakdown society, constitutional law and democracy. Watch:

Will Their New Normal Become ‘Never Normal Again?’

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