Hundreds of Palestinian Children Languish in Israel’s Gulag – Stephen Lendman

According to Defense for Children International (DCI) Palestine, “500-700 Palestinian children…are detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system” annually.

It’s for the crime of wanting to live free on their own land, in their own country, its sovereignty respected according to international law.

DCI-Palestine (DCIP) provides legal assistance for oppressed Palestinians.

On December 2, the organization explained that ruling Israeli regimes “detain Palestinian children in isolation solely for interrogation purposes, a practice that amounts to torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Its new report titled: “Isolated and Alone: Palestinian children held in solitary confinement by Israeli authorities for interrogation” explained the following:

“Evidence and documentation collected by DCIP overwhelmingly indicate that the isolation of Palestinian children within the Israeli military detention system is practiced solely to obtain a confession for a specific offense or to gather intelligence under interrogation.”

DCIP found “no evidence demonstrating a legally justifiable use of isolation of Palestinian child detainees, such as for disciplinary, protective, or medical reasons.” 

“Solitary confinement has been used, almost exclusively, during pre-charge and pretrial detention” to terrorize isolated children into submission.

DCIP general director Khaled Quzmar explained that:

“International law prohibits the use of solitary confinement and similar measures constituting cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment against children, and yet Israeli authorities frequently detain children in this manner.”

“It is widely acknowledged that this practice causes both immediate and long-term psychological harm to children. It must end immediately, and the prohibition must be enshrined in law.”

The Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association earlier explained the following:

Israeli soldiers violently burst into Palestinian homes, most often pre-dawn.

Children are dragged from their beds, shackled, taken from parents and siblings, and brought to unknown locations.

Held in isolation for terrorizing interrogations, they’re subjected to physical and/or psychological abuse with no one around to support their rights.

DCIP estimates that since 2000 alone, around 13,000 Palestinian children have been abused this way.

On average they’re detained around two weeks, long enough to break their spirit.

Many Palestinian children are detained for longer periods.

Most often they’re unlawfully transferred from Occupied Palestine to Israel for control by its prison authorities — a flagrant Fourth Geneva breach.

Haaretz earlier reported that Palestinian children are threatened with remarks like:

“I’ll bring your mother here and kill her before your eyes.” 

“If you don’t confess, we’ll take away your father’s permit to work in Israel.”

“Because of you, he’ll be out of work and the whole family will go hungry.”

Whether a confession is obtained or not, imprisonment follows under harsh conditions.

A child may be disrobed for a body search. In winter, they can be held outside naked in freezing cold weather for a short or longer period.

Hundreds of Palestinian Children Languish in Israel’s Gulag

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