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There is no evidence that Lynda Thyer is a witch – quite the opposite – but she is the victim of a witch-hunt. If you do not know who Lynda Thyer is, you are not alone, especially if you live north of the capital. In August 2019 she was ensconced in the overcrowded French Fleury-Mérogis prison on the outskirts of Paris having been extradited from the UK with little, if any, questioning from mainstream media, the legal profession or parliament. Today she remains in prison, a vulnerable woman, sick and, according to family sources, undergoing physical and psychological torture from prison authorities.

Quietly extradited from the UK, no case has been brought against her, and she is about to spend her second Christmas in jail. If France and the UK were impoverished states run by dictators this gross mistreatment of a scientist might be better understood.

Lynda Thyer – Lyn to those who know her – is a UK national and not wanted on any charges in the UK. So what did she do wrong? Her supporters claim, and there is a much evidence to back up this claim, that she and other clinicians, successfully treated people suffering from terminal cancer, for whom conventional medicine could do no more. There have had further successes with other ailments using a treatment of GcMAF, a blood-derived protein which activates macrophage cells to fight off infections and diseases. It occurs naturally in the bodies of all healthy people.

Thyer is a scientist with a background in biomedical research. She has co-authored papers in the field of GcMAF research. These cover the protein’s effectiveness in various cancer studies, its benefits in autism, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis and syphilis – to name a few ailments it has been used to treat. It is far removed from being pseudo-science.

In 2016 Earth Foods of Southbourne was forced to take GcMAF off its shelves by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority). In a letter to the editor of the Bournemouth Daily Echo, Lynda Thyer, defending the health food store, pointed to research papers by Chinese scientists which showed cancer tumours in mice reduced 90% in three weeks using GcMAF. She then cited one of her own co-authored papers “where we show patient scans of tumours reduced 25 per cent in a week with GcMAF.”

Her letter finishes:

I am fed up with the BBC, Cancer Research UK, and the MHRA not acknowledging the scientific evidence for GcMAF, particularly when so many of us have put decades of hard work into providing a plethora of evidence.

In this day and age to challenge autocratic establishments of the deep state, like the BBC and the MHRA, regardless of whether they have been perpetually hounding you, can prove costly – and so it proved for Lynda Thyer.

Big Pharma has everything to gain by silencing the partners of Immuno Biotech and in the process destroying their GcMAF products – arguably a serious and safer alternative to corporate pharmaceutical products.

Between June and the beginning of August, 2019, the British authorities bundled a very sick Lynda Thyer off to France purportedly to face charges outlined in the aforementioned EAW. Take note that these are the same authorities that are currently approving untested vaccines for use on the whole UK populace in an experiment without precedent.

The Pharmaceutical Conspiracies: GcMAF – Lynda Thyer – Big Pharma and the Little Scientist

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