The State’s Planned Covid Hell Is Coming, and Death Is Coming With It! – Gary D Barnett

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

~ William Shakespeare, Virginia Mason Vaughan, Alden T. Vaughan (1999). “The Tempest: Third Series”, p.164, Cengage Learning EMEA

Imagine a time of total isolation, of loss of family and familiar contact, of hiding away from life, of covering up all emotion, of psychological torture, of starving due to extreme poverty initiated and enforced by state thugs, of loss of all movement, of 24 hour a day surveillance, of death by state mandate, or imagine having to make a choice to take a poisonous, controlling, and deadly vaccine or be locked away from living. This dystopian nightmare is already here, but it has just begun, and if left to the desires of the evil controlling devils in power, it will only get worse every day.

The term “heaven on earth” has seemingly lost all meaning, because any aspect of normal life and love has been destroyed, and the concept of hell on earth is now fully evident. This of course came with the loss of freedom, but the irony here is that this loss of freedom that led to this hell was voluntary. The false pandemic that was the initial impetus for our demise was universally accepted by the people supposedly due to fear, but was fear the deciding factor? It certainly was a part of the scheme and remains so today, but weakness of mind and body, cowardice in the face of challenge, laziness and dependence on others instead of self, mass indifference, herd ignorance, and in many cases sheer stupidity, won the day. This has been a planned multi-faceted breakdown of society; a breakdown that if not challenged and overcome will lead to long-term condemned misery.

The next, and maybe final, nail in the coffin of freedom will come in the form of an experimental Covid vaccine. The risk due to mass acceptance of any vaccine claiming to release the chains now wrapped around our throats is immense. The exact opposite result will be the case, and the effect of universal compliance concerning these injections will be the equivalent of still being chained but also being inside a coffin. Freedom will never be attained by obedience; it can only survive this onslaught of tyranny with mass disobedience. Any talk of a vaccine claimed as savior will be a lie, and can only be sold to the public through extreme and continuous propaganda campaigns that are meant to achieve submission. Submitting to rule with the promise of freedom as bait is only a strategy for fools.

The ramping up of scare tactics, of mainstream media fear mongering, of spurious and overblown headlines, and of threats, are the tools of deception, and should never be taken seriously. These are targeted not toward individuals with the ability to think critically, but toward the masses that more easily surrender to a herd mentality. This is done because the herd is the vast majority, and gaining power over them through these dishonest and deceitful means is a way to gain control of all, for if the group is co-opted, the dissenters can be more easily silenced. Once a free society succumbs to this trickery, it becomes a captured society.

The State’s Planned Covid Hell Is Coming, and Death Is Coming With It!

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