Fed Up Newsfeed Regulators – Ochelli Effect

Hesher from Alternate Current Radio stepped in for Ted Edmonson on The Monday Ochelli Effect.

Who is taking pictures with the KKK? Did Bill Barr just Resign? The Electoral College just met. Covid19 deaths don’t seem to be rising levels of deaths overall. It’s been 8 years since Sandy Hook went LIVE.

Everybody is broke. Google went down. Chuck is using an old chatroom. People are getting stabbed at the MAGA Marches. No one should be firing weapons at Christmas concerts in NYC. Does anyone actually care about Hunter Biden?

Regular Joe did the second hour with Chuck. Regular guy news has been out for a while. Irish people may not have their roots with the Celts after all. Does anyone know what’s coming next? Regular Joe is no longer on Twitter.

Fed Up Newsfeed Regulators

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