Killing a Nation: Endless US-Led Aggression in Syria – Stephen Lendman

The defining feature of US imperialism is its endless war on humanity at home and abroad.

Instead of fostering cooperative relations with other nations, it smashes ones unwilling to bend to its will — and/or wages war on them by other means.

For nearly 10 years, Republicans and Dems waged endless preemptive war on Syria.

US forces illegally occupy northern and southern parts of the country. 

Millions of its people were displaced. Severe hardships were inflicted on the entire population.

What US regimes did to Syria and its people is one of history’s great crimes — similar to its criminality against numerous other nations.

What’s vital to explain in feature reports, US-led Western establishment media suppress.

Last week, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov and his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mekdad met in Moscow to address major issues affecting the Syrian Arab Republic, its people, and region.

Lavrov stressed what he said many times before.

In stark contrast to the US, NATO and Israel, Russia champions “unconditional respect for Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence as well as the right of the Syrian nation to determine its own fate and future.”

These principles are embodied in Security Council Res. 2254.

Like all SC resolutions, it’s binding international law on all nations.

Russia is also committed to providing Syria and its people with humanitarian aid — what the US and its imperial partners go all-out trying to obstruct, what UN secretary general Guterres ignores.

Throughout his tenure, he’s done nothing to aid long-suffering Syrians, nothing to denounce US-led aggression on their homeland, nothing to fulfill the mandate of his office with regard to fostering world peace and stability.

Lavrov explained that Syrian socioeconomic development goals are grievously “hindered by the illegal…criminal…sanctions adopted against Syria by the US and some of its allies.”

He “condemn(ed) illegal” occupation of Syrian territory by US and other foreign forces.

Russia is committed to aiding Syria restore normalcy to the country.

AMN News quoted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s close advisor  Buthaina Shaaban, saying the following:

“(R)emoving (Iranian military advisors and) Hezbollah (forces) from Syria is totally out of the question,” adding:

“(N)o one decides for Damascus how its relationship with Iran, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian resistance should be.”

“The relationship between Damascus and Moscow is a relationship that is equitable and based on respect.” 

“Russia and China respect their allies,” polar opposite how the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners operate.

Killing a Nation: Endless US-Led Aggression in Syria

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