“Oh the Poor Oppressed Uighurs!!!”/ By Janice Kortkamp – Mark Taliano

Here’s the deal with the whole, “Oh the poor oppressed Uighurs!!!” routine that people need to understand. This is a propaganda buildup by the neocons who happily mass-slaughter Muslims (and Christians) in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. It’s critical to remember Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan and how the US built up the Taliban and Saudi Mujahedeen including Osama bin Laden as the heroes and brought them to power there (and then been “fighting” them for the past 17 years while building up the poppy trade and trying to gain control of the trillions of $$$ in minerals for US corporations).

The Uighurs are ethnically Turkic people. Many have been systematically radicalized over the past 2 decades by Turkey whose leader is the defacto head of the distributed Muslim Brotherhood mafia, and extremists from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Qatar. There are thousands of Uighurs who went to Syria on “jihad” to fight alongside al Qaeda and ISIS. They hold an area in Idlib province called Jisr al Shughur. US neocons (the “Israel-first” and Cold War loving regime change addicts of DC) who used the “WMDs in Iraq” scam and the “incubator babies in Kuwait” hoax to fool Americans into supporting those wars are now promoting the Uighurs – possibly as their new project to create another proxy war in the Xinjiang Province of China.

“Oh the Poor Oppressed Uighurs!!!”/ By Janice Kortkamp

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